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Today is turning out pretty weird.

For starters, one of my coworkers, Susanne, just told me she is pregnant. She was ecstatic about it (rightly so) and I am very happy for her. I am apparently the first person she has told outside of her immediate family and husband.

I'm kinda flattered, but, at the same time, I feel awkward. I like Susanne a lot, but I never considered her that close that she would choose me as the first person to break news like that too.

Then I walk in, and this is waiting for me in my inbox:

Screen all Patients Presenting with Fever and Respiratory Illness for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

A suspect case of SARS is a person presenting with:
1. One or more signs or symptoms of respiratory illness, including cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, hypoxia, or radiographic findings of pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome
2. Documented fever that measures greater than 38ºC or 100.4 oF
3. Travel within 10 days of onset of symptoms to an area with documented transmission of SARS* OR close contact** within 10 days of onset of symptoms with a person with possible SARS

* Areas with documented or suspected community transmission of SARS as of 4/22/03:
• People’s Republic of China (i.e. mainland China, including Hong Kong)
• Hanoi, Vietnam, Singapore, Toronto, Canada and Taiwan
For the most up to date list of affected areas, see the CDC website:

** Close contact is defined as having cared for, having lived with, or having direct contact with respiratory secretions and/or body fluids of a patient known to be a suspect SARS case.

If you are evaluating a patient with a suspect case of SARS:
1. Place a surgical mask on the patient immediately.
2. Put the patient in an airborne infection isolation room immediately.
3. Notify Infection Control Beeper #7497 (9 AM-5:PM, Mon-Fri).At all other times contact the ID fellow/attending through the page operator.
4. Report all cases of suspect SARS to the NYCDOHMH Bureau of Communicable Disease by calling (212)-788-9830. After hours or on weekends, call Poison Control at 212-POISONS (212-764-7667).
5. Contact and airborne precautions should be implemented. Contact precautions include the use of gloves, gown and eye protection. Hands should be washed with warm water and soap after leaving the room and removing gloves. Airborne precautions require the use of N-95 (or equivalent) disposable filtering respirators for all individuals entering the negative pressure room.


Anyhow, some comics to try to lighten up the day.

I think ima go see Xmen2 tonite.

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